The Figlmüller Schnitzel

Tenderloin. One of the Winning Ingredients of our Schnitzels.

Figlmüller chefs have always used the best meat cut called the rose or tenderloin for their winning recipe.

And there is a tasty reason for this: The rose is much less sinewy than normal schnitzel meat and doesn’t puff up during frying.

Pound, Pound, Pound – 30 cm of Real Schnitzel.

And to make sure that all of the schnitzels turn out nice and thin and crispy, every piece is carefully and expertly pounded with a mallet before frying until the schnitzel measures 30 centimeters in diameter.

This involves more work than for normal schnitzel, but in the end our guests get to enjoy a slightly larger schnitzel.

Before we heat up the oil,
we make the tools glow.

Only Breadcrumbs from the Austrian Emperor Roll for the Coating

Only the best coating will do for a Figlmüller schnitzel.

The crispy breadcrumb coating for the Figlmüller schnitzel is made exclusively from the crumbs of the Austrian emperor roll – one reason why our schnitzels are so remarkably crispy.

Our guests won't be satisfied
until we fire up the oil.


Figlmüller only uses the best light vegetable oil for frying. We made this decision with the health of our guests in mind. Only a few schnitzels are fried in the pan at a time. Then the vegetable oil is changed.

To make sure that each schnitzel turns out tender and crispy we do not take any chances with the frying temperature: It takes 3 different pans to make a perfect schnitzel.

First the schnitzel is put into the pan with slightly hotter fat, and then two other pans are used to carefully fry the schnitzel. This involved process is just another guarantee for the uniqueness of our Figlmüller schnitzel.