Typical Viennese Cuisine

Whether schnitzel, goulash, Tafelspitz (Viennese-style boiled beef), apple strudel or Powidltascherl (dumplings filled with plum jam), the culinary diversity of the Imperial city of Vienna is second to none among European cities.

Viennese cuisine evolved during the last third of the 18th century during the transition from the courtly to civil society.

Unlike early times, at the end of the decade it was no longer about abundance, but rather about economics and taste. The recipes from Austria, Hungary, Bohemia and Moravia were blended with each other and today reflect this diversity.

The culinary diversity of the Imperial city of Vienna

It is of particular importance to us to maintain the culture of Viennese cuisine and we are very happy to be able to serve it to all of our guests.

The recipes from great grandma Anna Figlmüller that date back to around 1920, remain the basis of the Viennese cuisine as it is served up at Figlmüller’s. Just like back then, the core specialties are Tafelspitz (Viennese-style boiled beef), veal liver, sweetbread, goulash and, last but not least, fried dishes like the Wiener Schnitzel and the exceptional Figlmüller schnitzel.

The schnitzel per se is a bourgeois meal which grew out of the ingredients available at the time (meat, breadcrumbs, egg and oil). Its preparation which involves being coated and then fried in fat or oil is common to many other dishes which only exist in this form in Viennese cuisine.

The term “Wiener Schnitzel” only really became known towards the end of the 19th century, when the term was used on restaurant menus.

Our guests won't be satisfied
until we fire up the oil.

At the Figlmüller location on Bäckerstraße we serve you the Wiener Schnitzel our great grandmother used to make 100 years ago.

For this we use the choicest cuts from the rump of the calf. The Wiener Schnitzel is fried in oil according to an old family recipe. When it is placed on the guest’s place it is crispy and has a yellowy golden color.

Of course, the traditional old Viennese potato salad has been and still remains the side dish of choice. Enjoy your meal.